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About Ebony-VR
Benefits For Seniors

VR therapy is becoming an increasingly popular treatment option for seniors facing an array of physical and mental health concerns. Along with helping memory care patients, virtual reality has been proven to reduce pain, depression and even social isolation. Learn how Ebony-VR can support residents at your facility.

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About Ebony-VR
Ease Chronic Pain, Anxiety and Depression

MRI images have shown that the areas of the brain affected by pain quiet down when the test patient is immersed in a virtual world. Moreover, thousands of clinical research studies have been published showing that using VR to manage chronic pain, anxiety and depression leads to positive outcomes. In particular, this treatment offers hope for dementia patients, who may experience all three of the above issues.

  • Dr. Albert Rizzo’s lab at the University of Southern California helped military veterans with PTSD by offering exposure therapy in virtual environments.
  • The Veterans United Foundation has created virtual reality experiences of veterans’ memorials, for vets who can’t travel to see them.
  • Scientists at the Chronic Pain Research Institute have tested a virtual meditative walk, meant to manage pain and stress.
  • In the 1990s, researchers at the University of Washington developed SnowWorld, an icy virtual environment that reduced pain for burn victims during wound treatment.
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Mitigate Social Isolation

Social contact tends to decrease as we age for a variety of reasons, including retirement, mobility struggles and the death of friends and family. Fortunately, the past couple of decades have seen more research into the risks, causes and prevention of loneliness in seniors. Studies show that VR could help reduce social isolation.

Explore the World

When we let clients use our technology, they feel like they have been transported to locations across the globe. They can experience Hawaiian beaches, French cafes and the Swiss Alps. They can view the solar system aboard a rocket ship or use a paint brush to create a van Gogh from the artist’s point of view. The options are endless!

About Ebony-VR
Spark Memories

VR has also been used to help trigger long-term memories and improve communication skills. Not only do seniors usually enjoy their VR experiences, they also go back to their friends and talk about what they experienced. Learn more at or watch our Youtube.

  • An aged care home in Australia is reporting positive results in virtual reality sessions with residents. One elderly patient, shown a virtual tour of Rome and Venice, experienced memories of a previous boat trip he took to Australia.
  • Another resident, an 86-year-old musician who hadn’t communicated with anyone for months, began tapping her foot when taken on a 3D virtual tour of an orchestra. Her husband reportedly cried because he hadn’t seen her move like that in months.
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