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What some recent clients say about their experience with Ebony-VR

We might be biased. Take it from our clients.

"Earl Leach and I have known each other for over fifty years. Earl is hardworking,smart, accomplished,honest and reliable. He has a great deal of useful work experience. I know that he will succeed in any business that he undertakes just as he has done in the past."

Ann Israel

"I am more than honored to write a letter of recommendation for Earl Leach. Earl has the vision, ambition, character and technological experience to put EbonyVR in a winning position. Passionate about providing our senior communities with engaging activities, Earl and EbonyVR have the solution that allows our seniors to live life again. His vision is one that allows seniors to actually live instead of just “existing.” That’s the kind of guy Earl is. He’s the guy I would choose to be in the foxhole with."

Omar Williams

"Earl is a true entrepreneur and technologies. We've collaborated together for many years in the IT Industry over the last decade. This new venture only demonstrates how committed Earl is to making society a better place. I'm truly excited to watch this organization grow and help VR reach senior living across the globe!"

Gabe Loshbaugh

"I have known Earl Leach for almost 45 years. We met as classmates at High School and have been friends ever since. Earl has always been a leader, motivator to others, and is extraordinarily bright. I watched Earl grow and mature into consummate professional spending several years on Wall Street than most of his career in the Technology field. Along with his professional accomplishments, Earl has always been a mentor to others and always has volunteered to help others. Many years ago, Earl became interested and passionate about Virtual Reality.He incorporated this along with his interest and compassion for the elderly into a cohesive plan to offer those in Assisted Living and Memory Care facilities alternative experiences through the eyes of Virtual Reality. Due to my many years of working with the elderly we have collaborated with many ideas and possibilities to bring this to our most special population, Senior Citizens. I know that Earl will make a mark in this industry."

Rikki Smith

"We had a very positive experience working with Earl. Great person to have business with."

Tom Shelton

"I have been friendly with Mr. Earl Leach for the past 47 years. Mr. Leach is exceptionally bright and innovative. He has a moral compass that is not easily found today. Mr. Leach has been working tirelessly to form a company to bring Virtual Reality to Seniors and those unable to explore their surroundings without this technology. I think this is a fabulous idea which will engage many and bring joy to their life. I commend Mr. Leach for this thoughtful and innovative idea and know that he is the man to get this done!"

Lauri Weiser

"Worked with Earl on his video projects. Smooth sailing and great communication. Highly recommend Earl."

Diana Kemp

"Mr. Leach has always been an innovative thinker and has a heart for helping people become their best selves. The project he is introducing has been in the planning stages for a while, but life sometimes just happens and delays one's plans. But not for long when your a solider and what drives you is the desire to want to better other’s lives, that Mr. Earl Leach! Congratulations to a next level thinker and dreamer who knows how to make dreams become reality!"

Imani Arthur

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